Where does bono live in killiney

Adress, vico Rd, Killiney, directions.
Sorrento House, Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey,.It will dwarf even the lavish home of U2 frontman Bono, located directly across the road, which is understood to be approximately 1,100sq m (11,840sq ft) in size.The only clouds in the sky all day were to the east.A new basement car park will also be added.The second trip started at Killiney Beach dart station an hour before sunset where I walked Bono and Enyas neighborhood Killiney, County Dublin and around Sorrento Point to Dalkey and Finnegans Pub before darting back to Booterstown and the Radisson Blu.I know which white house this woman lives.That is a Rolls Royce barely visible on the right edge.You can also look east to the drugs hellhole on Killiney Beach.The 4,500 sq ft mansion, which can sleep as many as 11 people and has magnificent views of Killiney Bay, was sold by Eddie Irvine for around 6 million in 2008.The park above Sorrento Point was like being king of my world with the peoples view.Round the corner walking north from Sorrento Point and the peninsula of north Dublin Bay, Howth comes into view.With an hour of daylight, on a clear day, I got off the train in Killiney Beach and hiked the Killiney Beach to Sorrento Point to the same street into Dalkey I had walked two days before.North Dublin was a scary place to me in the late 1990s when I rode the bus through the streets to the city center.Two of these houses belong to Bono and Enya.First Lady of America, Michelle Obama with Dan and Colleen Finnegan June 18, 2013.Star Gazing at Houses on Killiney Hill.In three days in Dublin I found myself hanging out in Dalkey two afternoons after sunset.Helens Hotel in Booterstown to Dalkey, but the early 4:11 pm sunset kept me from walking the final mile or so around Sorrento Point to Killiney Beach.Dalkey Harbor used to be one of the main harbors of Dublin Bay.