Tsum bingo card no 8

tsum bingo card no 8

20 Earn 800,000 points in a single game using a Pixar and friends tsum.
9 Grand total of 70 fevers.
15 Get a chain of 16 in a single game.
11 Clear a grand total of 5,000 tsums.21 Achieve a "Fantastic" (30) chain.( English version : Burst 300 Magic Bombs.) Mission 16 Clear 22,500 Tsums accumulatively.Prize Alien Tsum Number Mission 2 Use 15 bubbles in total.8, use the Score item camion dakar slot in 3 times.Speed is a factor 17 Using a Premium Tsum, erase exactly 100 Tsums in a single game Hint: Aim for 35-chain combos to avoid Bombs.17 Earn a score that ends in "3".See Horned category for the tsums to use.Mission 2 Strategy See Ribboned category for the tsums to use.Mission 12 Strategy Mission 13 Strategy Learn about Experience and how to earn.14 Use 9 skills in a single game using a Little Mermaid and friends tsum.( English version : Accumulate 1,000 Coins with a Tsum whose hair is tied.) Mission 23 Burst 110 Coin Bombs with a center burst skill Tsum.6 Get 750,000 points using a summon sweetheart tsum during a single game.23 Earn 8,000 coins using a tsum with eyelashes.20 Earn 16,000 coins in total.See Rabbit category for the tsums to use.
Other Prizes 1 deposito sin tarjeta 8,000 coins 2 3x Bomb Item Tickets 3 3,000 coins 4 8x Hearts 5 10,000 coins 6 3x 5 4 Item Tickets 7 5x Time Item Tickets 8 5x Rubies 9 5,000 coins 10 10x Rubies 11 3,000 coins 12 5x Rubies.