Soccer spirits slot attribute change ticket

soccer spirits slot attribute change ticket

5) Skillful Counter: Increases the attack power by 15 and decreases the incoming damage by 10 for 10 min.
The recovery value for the Story Mode, Space-Time Continuum, Colosseums has been modified in overall.
Fixed the issue of the Spirit Stone bonus electrical company l l c information not appearing even when tapping and holding on to the Spirit Stone at the Spirit Stone Combination menu.(Accumulates up to 3 times) / Recovers the action bar by 20 when being attacked.Superb Power-up/ Power-up Packages have been improved.Modified the Tutorial Extra Players stats that were affected by this fix.The Team Preview screen has been modified to display the deck that is currently being displayed in the match.Debuff means harmful effects that decrease a Players stats.The cooperative defense won't be affected by the defense, and the chance for cooperative defense minimum activation has been removed.A Chain Helper System has been added to the game.Shard of Balmung (Light) Previously: Increases the critical damage by 20 with an attack.Increases the damage that the enemies within the same position receive.And Dimension Shop (Classic).Extreme Evolution, renee ardor ) has been added to the game.5) Brave for Not Knowing: Recovers the HP by 80 and spirit by 15, and removes the active-type debuff effects applied on you every 3 min.The Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Packages purchase history has been reset.Fixed the issue of the Transcendent Power-up UI showing up for Managers or Material Players.(Passive 2) Bloated Mind: Increases the critical damage resistance by 25 and critical damage by 25 of the allies currently in the assigned position.Developer's Comment: You can check the Legendary Property in the Book.
Eye of the Storm (Whirlwind) Previously: Decreases the damage that the allies within the position receive.
We're creating a separate stat of cooperative defense where it won't be affected by the defense.