Priority poker method

Sisal Poker Added support for bono cultural joven Ongame skin: Added support for Everest skin: BetClic Poker Added support for PokerStars Zoom tables Added option to Configure PermaScan: "If more than X tables open, change scan interval".
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Allows you to easily copy a screenname from another window and paste it into your TableScan Buddy list from the main window Added keyboard shortcuts: "Start/Stop PermaScan" and "Start/Stop AutoWaitlist" Added advanced Scan filter: "Exclude Table Starters" Table Starters on PokerStars where you are signed.This feature allows you to score or mark players in TableScan based on their note color from your PokerStars or PartyPoker notes New feature: Alerts, at Configure Alerts.This allows you to set more dynamic autowaitlist filters, which change as you open more tables New Autowaitlist feature: "Automatically leave all waitlists when I have X tables open at Configure Autowaitlist New option: "Only count open tables at sites I am scanning at Configure.It is off by default currently to allow for further testing Fixed an issue where TableScan could take a very long time to scan when the "Give TableScan Highest Priority" option was unchecked on slower computers.Fixed scan filter support for excluding Shallow, Deep, Ante, and Beginner tables on iPoker.Simply go in TableScan to Configure Settings Sites PokerStars and enable the option "Use No-OCR PokerStars scanning method" - Version.0.9 Released Fixed an issue where scanning m or m was still not working for some users - Version.0.8 Released Fixed support for.In the meantime, there is a quick and easy solution to get it working now.Tables can also be manually blacklisted by turning on the "Blacklist table" option at Configure Settings Shortcuts New feature: The Autowaitlist option "Use my Main Window active List filters for autowaitlisting" can now be configured to use only Table or Player filters The "Stop PermaScan".Fixed a bug where the "Close Table" feature could cause crashes for some users.16.2013, version.0.10 Released, fixed support for latest update, added support for Microgaming skin: Red Star Poker.I expect a build should be ready to test by tonight or tomorrow morning.If you haven't already, please contact your merge skin and tell them to show more than 5 players in the playerlist buscar resultado de lotería de boyacá - Merge Network Update Today, the Merge Network is releasing a very big update which completely changes their lobby.Fixed a bug where PokerStars Zoom tables would not be scanned in the "Classic" lobby Fixed a bug where GBP tables would not be scanned on PokerStars Fixed a bug where "Exclude Phrase" would not exclude phrases in the "Game" column of PartyPoker I will.Available seperately for both the tables and players lists Added alerts option: "Only play Alerts for filters that are also active in the Main Window" Added appearance setting: "Show Tables List which is on by default, can be turned off by users who prefer.RC4 build 11 Released Upgraded Npgsql API to the latest version.0.11 Fixed support for iPoker skins: Paddy Power Poker, MansionPoker, bet356 Fixed support for new Microgaming lobby style on BetVictor Poker Fixed various Enet issues Fixed a bug where TableScan could stop working.This method can be used by people who are having problems with the default method.This issue was caused by the old npgsql api version Fixed an issue where TableScan would get bb/100 wrong when using Holdem Manager 2 Fixed a bug where the option "Dont allow AutoWaitlist to join or leave waitlists that I have manually joined or left".Added option to exclude PartyPoker Casual and Anonymous tables at Configure Settings Sites PartyPoker.
Added support for Winning Poker skin: PokerKingCzech.
I am now working on an update to add support for this new default font.

I do think I will be able to post something to the forum tonight.
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