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In one local tradition, the lady is identified as the wife of the Earl of Cassilis.
it was published in several collections, most notably one entitled English Folk Songs for Schools, 4 causing the song to be learned by generations of English school children.
According to Roud and Bishop, "Definitely in the top five Child ballads in terms of widespread popularity, and possibly second only to 'Barbara Allen the Gypsies stealing the lady, or, to put it the other way round, the lady running off with the sexy Gypsies.Whiskybase uses tracking cookies in order to improve the website.Bronson 7 bingo en tarragona discovered that a tune in the Skene manuscripts and dated earlier than 1600, resembles later tunes for this song and is entitled "Lady Cassiles Lilt".Originally known as, house of Commons (after the, british House of Commons its nickname, referring to the black and white labelling, was eventually adopted as the official brand instead.The Cecil Sharp sheet music version was occasionally used by Jazz musicians, for example the instrumental " Raggle Taggle " by the Territory band Boots and His Buddies, and the vocal recording by Maxine Sullivan.They were caught and hanged on the "Dool Tree" in 1643.1875 References edit Roud, Steve Julia Bishop (2012).Regardless of your choice Whiskybase places functional cookies to store settings and account information.For the sculptor and songwriter, see.In America, the country music recording industry spread versions of the song by such notable musicians as Cliff Carlisle and the Carter Family, and later by the rockabilly singer Warren Smith, under the title "Black Jack David".For obvious reasons, the song has long been a favourite with members of the travelling community." 1, the song was also published in books.
6 In some texts the lord is identifies as "Cassilis and a local tradition identifies him as the John Kennedy 6th Earl of Cassilis.

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In some versions there is one leader and his six brothers.