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Bergens Tidende (in Norwegian Bokmål).
In modern Iran, the wearing of niqab is not common and is only worn by certain ethnic minorities and a minority of Arab Muslims in the southern Iranian coastal cities, such as Bandar Abbas, Minab and Bushehr.The ambassador informed the Sharia court that he had been deliberately deceived by the bride's mother, who had shown him photographs of the bride's sister.113 North America edit United nvme slot laptop States edit In 2002, Sultaana Freeman (formerly Sandra Keller, who converted to Islam in 1997 when marrying a Muslim man sued the.S.96 Clothing that covers the face, such as a niqab, is prohibited in some schools and municipalities.Italy edit In Italy, a law issued in 1975 strictly forbids wearing of any attire that could hide the face of a person.35 The following verse from the Qur'an is cited as support for this: 36 "O Prophet!Tantawy's decision stems from his views that younger Muslims have maestro shao poker lost touch with traditional Islamic scholarship and have come under the influence of imams from the Salafi ( Wahhabi ) branch in Saudi Arabia.Oxford: Oxford University Press,.79 Europe edit Main article: Islamic dress in Europe Woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina wearing a niqab,.How did so many of use make it to retirement without all the government regulations?"Women revealing their adornment to men who lack physical desire - Islam web ladies.76 Morocco edit The Moroccan government distributed letters to businesses on eclaring a ban on the burka.49 Syria edit 1,200 niqab-wearing teachers were transferred to administrative duties in the summer of 2010 in Syria because the face veil was undermining the secular policies followed by the state as far as education is concerned.33 Many Shia women living in countries such as Bahrain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iraq wear it on a daily basis.
Citation needed Rationale edit The claimed rationale of the niqab comes from Hadith.