Iata slots season

This precedence applies only to equivalent, and not consecutive, schedules seasons (e.g.
(c) These types of transfers should involve the airport coordinator for final confirmation.
The scheduling calendar is based, not on the civil year, but on two scheduling seasons, Summer and Winter, defined as follows: iata Summer Season - starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Saturday of October.
Historics Baseline Date (start of "80/20 usage" calculation) 27OCT2019, start of Northern Winter Season 2019 28MAR2020, end of Northern Winter Season 2019.The airline must immediately advise the coordinator and return any slots it knows it will not use.Landing slots are allocated in jorge fernandez ruleta de la suerte accordance with guidelines set down by the.Iata Slot Conference 13-16NOV 2018 15AUG 2018, slot Return Deadline (SRD) 15JAN2019 31jaug 2018, historics Baseline Date (HBD) 31JAN 2019 25OCT 2018, start of the season 31JAN 2019. Coordinators from slot-coordinated airports (Level 3 airports) provided they have been approved by their government, and facilitators from facilitated airports (Level 2 airports) provided they have been appointed by the appropriate authority.Airlines licensed to operate air services or have applied for a license to operate air services.The submission is sent by the airline to the coordinator as a defined standard message format, called SCR (Slot Clearance Request).Only iata Member airlines are eligible for participation in spwg.What guidelines apply for the transfer of slots from a recently purchased airline?I have a proposal for a future venue for the Slot Conference.How can I be informed of the latest changes to MCT?In a cargo context, the MCT can be defined as the shortest time interval required in order to transfer cargo shipment from one flight to a connecting flight.An airlines slot request should have new entrant status provided that the request, if accepted, would result in the airline holding fewer than five slots at that airport on that day.Post SAL activity can only take place following the distribution of the allocation of slots (SAL) to all airlines and should end three days prior to the start of the slot conference.

MCT industry notifications are available on SlotLink for all Airline professionals.