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An armed conflict took place between Killiks and the Rakata.
It was believed that the desire to recruit new members by way of Joiners was also traced to the same need to expand.
14 Meanwhile, The Colony that had departed into deep space sought out a new homeworld for themselves but were unable to find a suitable planet.
Whilst Killiks were difficult to take alive, a special neutralizer agent was capable of allowing the creature to become docile and submissive.The Gorog, Mollom and Jooj provided more specialist roles as warriors in the field whist the likes of the Wuluw along with the Taat provided non-combat support.This was entirely expected from a communication medium that worked by way of auras.Whilst observing them, they noticed the insectoids were slowly expanding over time but were never classified as being a threat.Youre getting close to maxing out!At least one rival nest attacked the Yoggoy hive, but the hive survived, either defeating or absorbing the attacking nest.7 The thought processes of Killiks was stated to be different from other species.Contents show, biology and appearance, edit ".2 It was discovered that each successive generation of Killiks showed degrading levels of technological sophistication." Hari Seldona src Oroboro (known later as Alderaan wong cierra puertas bonus homeworld of the Killiks.In order to participate in the collective mind, an punti bonus borsa di studio unical individual needed to always be within the range of another Killik's aura who in turn needed to be in the approximate radius of another in turn.Early history Edit " The Killiks are tied to the history of the galaxy in a way we don't understand yet.Thul's efforts included the use of trade for food and equipment between the nests along with the establishment of the Unu nest.12 Their expansionist impulses were kept in check and they only spread to a handful of worlds in the Unknown Regions.2 Visitors would become Joiners following exposure to Killik pheromones over an extended period of time.
This ranged from a Killik's own experience or the experiences of a Joiner or even events enjoyed by an individual prior to becoming a Joiner.