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This is a five digit field that includes a decimal for torneo poker bahamas 2019 hundredths of hours.
Geographic location, city Middle four positions of a domestic or foreign GLO and represents a code for a city.
Users already logged-on to the system when a message is broadcast will see one message line displayed at the top of a blank screen the next time goodgame poker a PF key, the lt;enter gt; key, or the lt;clear gt; key is used.Dictionary/Glossary G-14 REL 01-3 Sept 09, 2001 allowance This will indicate whether an employee, that has Puerto Rico state tax, has elected to have the automatic or the optional allowance for deductions and the number of allowances elected.Screen: work schedule change employee ID effective date BLK ACT ORG name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SUP date EFF EMP STA CD GR/ungr IDC EMP TYP CD WKD SCD action code (C,D) _ ARE YOU sure Y/N _ start/END time.Abbreviated message A short message that identifies the type of error on the interface.3 Rel 01-3 09 Sept 01 03 June 01 11 Mar 01 03 Dec.Timekeepers will need to change the Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) Code to AZ (Gliding Schedule) for any employee electing to earn comp time (CE).F10-15 W-2 Statements F10-19 Feeder Summary of Form W-2 Magnetic Media Wage F10-29 Feeder State/Local W-2 Tape Transmittal Report.Gtmo Guantanamo Bay, Cuba G-85 Dictionary/Glossary H HBI employer amount PER PAY period The employer's health benefit insurance pay period contribution amount.Federal reserve bank (FRB) This is the location of the FRB that serves the payroll office.Salary classroom DAY dodea teachers: This is the daily rate a teacher is charged for lwop.Physicians or dentists may have a physicians allowance not-to-exceed the amount shown on the General Table.Code value: F - full-time G - full-time - seasonal H - full-time - ON call I - intermittent J - intermittent - seasonal P - part-time Q - part-time - seasonal R - part-time - ON call S - part-time - JOB sharer.Three-day work week - a fixed schedule limited to three 13 hour 20 minute days.Restored leave TWO hours The number of restored leave (2) hours (code LQ) that are reported and/or converted in a pay period.Valid values are T' for full payers or Blank' for full time or part-timers not required to pay the full cost.These codes, DA, DB, DC, juego poker texas holdem gratis DD, DE, DF will be reported in the ENV/HAZ/OTH field as an exception through timecard Format 1 and the SDA.Warning - verify SF50 remarks - separation FOR ILL health/medical reasons This is a warning that the indebted balance, if any, for annual or sick leave will not be collected due to the separation code entered.The codes are listed in the DED.Required entry when disability retirement application is processed.Standard and operational reports will be produced for all payroll offices.LAW enforcement leave used year TO date Number of law enforcement leave days (code LL) used year to date in the leave year.
Totals identification Provides further identification for the totals to date earnings and deduction type codes (e.g., state/local taxing authority code, health enrollment code, retirement code, case type for commercial garnishments, type indicator for overseas allotments).