Donkey kong country 3 bonus barrels

donkey kong country 3 bonus barrels

If you head to the top-right platform, you'll get a bear coin, then head down slowly.
You only get one shot at this, so pass the "no Squawks" sign and get the steel barrel.
If you miss, there's time to throw one more in before the electricity comes back.
(Where was it hiding that one?) Use the barrel to kill one of the Skiddas on the next roof, then jump over and keep going.21 Rare founder Tim Stamper re-took the role as the game's director, whereas Rare staffers Andrew Collard and Paul Weaver designed the game.The next Sneek has two red Buzzs guarding edad de annarella bono it, so use Kiddy and jump and throw the barrel upwards to kill.Jump over the Kocos (the fish and the barrier, and hit the continue barrel.Bonus Barrels are easily recognized by their large "B" and yellow explosion in the center.Then make your way up the pipe while the Buzzs are at the bottom.O into the Engaurde barrel to become Engaurde.Take the bonus coin, and watch one ending of the game.(Before you go in this rocket barrel, the O is to its right.) Bounce across the Knick-Knacks to a bonus barrel: Collect 20 Stars.At third horizontal area down, go in to a bonus barrel: Bash the Baddies (make Nibbla eat all the enemies).You can find her in her save cave at various locations in the game, either playing Nintendo, sleeping, or exercising.I don't get any money for it, and I wrote the thing, so why should you?If you've got Kiddy, get out of the pond on the other side, trick the butterflies by going down the path a little bit, then head back left and jump over their heads.Jump over the two Buzzs to grab the G, then straight along the path, through the minefield of red Buzzs, to the flag.There's two green Buzzs, and a booty bird.Try to jump over most of the houses, because you never know which are solid and which you can pass in front.They're helpful and all, but Bjorn's chairlift is in need of repairs.
We can't jump that high!

Jump on him to turn him back into a barrel, and then you can pick him up and throw him just like a normal barrel.
Make the long trek left, noting all the different shooting patterns of multiple Karbines.
The trick to this one is, to grab the lever, then pick up the barrel and throw it through the open door.