Cnr slot meaning

cnr slot meaning

From Cambridge English Corpus In the administracion d lotería jávea following class definition, the width and height slots are virtual.
From, cambridge English Corpus An example is the use of so-called 'templates string patterns that resultados lotería primitiva 9 de agosto contain empty gobernador del poker slots where other strings must be filled.
Each class defines a set of slots that implement the configuration of the instances.
Cambridge English Corpus, my point is that the figures are valid, although they are limited in the sense that they are for a specific time slot.CNR Type A uses 8-pin PHY interface, while Type B uses 17-pin media-independent interface mII ) bus LAN interface.From Wikipedia The series has dealt with similar storylines over the years which have often exceeded its restricted time slot.From the Hansard archive I believe that it had over 12 million viewers and almost won its time slot for that evening.Doctors by the hour and patients by the time slot ; now we have a model that can be programmed to maximal financial efficiency.The trail of an animal (especially a deer).Slot (verb the verb, sLOT has 1 sense:.From Cambridge English Corpus As mentioned above, the names of features must correspond to slots in a template.These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.Do these two pieces slot together?Slot (noun meaning: A position in a grammatical linguistic construction in which a variety of alternative units are interchangeable.Bus, Expansion slot, Hardware terms, Motherboard terms.Pentium 4 -class motherboards, but have since been phased out in favor of on-board or embedded components.From Wikipedia coin slot A 1p coin place in a coin slot cannot have one-tenth of 1p added.From Cambridge English Corpus The arcs interconnect the concepts and represent lexical-semantic relations ; they are implemented by means of frame slots containing pointers to other concepts.

The, aCR slot was a competing specification developed by a group of third-party vendors.
CNR slot, communications and networking riser cNR ) is a slot found on certain PC motherboards and used for specialized networking, audio, and telephony equipment.
PCI only motherboards and motherboards with, pCIe.