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Thats Entertainment, Part II (1976) Probably the least-essential film Bass was ever involved with, this was the sequel to the compilation of classic clips hosted by legendary stars that MGM released to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
It also was rare, so I wouldnt expect anyone to easily reference.The staggeringly beautiful title sequence for.One idea triggers the next.Other directors take a much more interesting approach to unveiling their films with a separate opening sequence, which is often set to music.The full process, and our storyboards are here in this article if youre interested.Its fun to read and hear peoples theories on where the idea or look for the titles came from.This calendar (below) I saw in A Smile In The Mind book by Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart was my main inspiration actually:.That lead to this.Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World for, stanley Kramer in 1963, although its not quite as inventive.The sequence is brilliant for a couple of reasons:.) By featuring a glowing green circle and allowing Howards dramatic music to build tension from a simple violin string, director.Best Title Sequences: Vertigo (1958 source: bono mensual emt y metrovalencia Filmmaker.The simple, speeding graphic of the.Between his ascent and descent, the flames dissolve into a montage of surreal neon lights that capture the city's throbbing assault on the senses.I guess we were just lucky to get in.
Source: Taste Of Cinema, the James Bond franchise has maintained some of the most consistent opening sequences, beginning with the first Bond movie in 1962.
In fact, its rather better than the film itself, an animated trawl through highlights of the film, which introduces the all-star cast and tops out at six minutes.