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Casinos, there are at least 20 casinos of various standards in the city.
Prague Casinos, i wanted this page to be a kind of casino and gambling guide aimed at the widest possible audience.
Banco Casino, seems to be the most popular of the central Prague casinos (Na Prikope 27).Many of them are used by people working at night as they (Ive used them myself) will be selling food like pizza and burgers.Players will know that usually you play andor bonus box review poker against players.Opens from 6pm until 4am-5am depending on the day.Casinos, Amusement arcades, Herna Bars and Pivnices.7, Praha 1, Article tags: Casinos in New Town, Gambling in New Town, Prague Casinos.So below youll find whats available and some recommended places to try.They publish their buy-in costs online.Theres some good info spread across the various pokies sections here at one of the leading guides to Australian online gaming.Drinks will be available but alcohol may only be free if you are seen to be a good customer.e.Herna Bars are the places that have the lights on after everybody else has closed and gone to bed.If youre not a seasoned gambler there is a daily Just for Fun session from 8pm-10pm.Inside youll find two or three slot machines.American Roulette (3 Tables blackjack (2 Tables ultimate Taxas Holdem (2 Tables).Cash is exchanged for chips and although they accept Czech Korun and Euros, youll get a better exchange rate playing in the local currency.

Note this is at the original Prague Hilton and NOT the Hilton Old Town (to avoid taxi issues).
These places can acquire a pretty good reputation even providing places for Police officers to stop for a break.
The total number of live game tables is also rather small.