Bingo tsum tsum 6

See Premium category for the tsums to use.
Use a Premium Tsum Tsum to clear 230 MyTsum in 1 playTips: Use a Tsum whose skill clears a lot of Tsums.
Mission 23 Enter fever 9 times in 1 play.
Mission 3 Strategy Thumper is recommended along with the 5 4 Item Booster, if needed.Use a rabbit Tsum Tsum to earn sitios de apuestas deportivas online en venezuela 6,000 coins bingo essendon in total.Mission 12 Strategy A max skill level Pete is recommended.Please consider helping us out by visiting our Support Us Page and using our affiliate links.168 10 comments, me and my girlfriend hung up our Tsum Tsums!See Males category for the tsums to use.Time mission 4, earn 2,400,000 points la gran ruleta activa resultado de hoy in 1 playTips: Use your higher level Tsums.Search Twitter Instagram.For example Minnie's power changes Tsums to Mickey and Daisy's power changes Tsums to Donald Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Time mission 11 Earn a score.9m with a Tsum Tsum that clears a horizontal lineTips: Use your higher.When you finish all the missions on the card you will get an Oswald Tsum.Try for longer chains as longer chains get more coins Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Coin Time mission 8 Use a black Tsum Tsum to pop 10 Bubbles in 1 playTips: Use Marie or Miss Bunny Suggested Tsums Tsums You.Bingo Card Mission List mission 1, start with this mission cleared mission 2, use a happiness Tsum Tsum to earn 900,000 points in 1 game.Completing Mission Card.06 rewards you with the.
If you have Holiday Donald he is best because you can swipe to clear individual Tsums when his skill is active instead of having to tap on them making it much easier to use Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 mission.
Suggested Tsums, tsums You Can Use, useful Bonus Items 5 -.